Thoughts from the Principal…

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Crusader Corner, May 13, 2024 Edition

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Ps. 31:24

Thoughts from the Principal…  

I have lived in Rochelle since March 1, 2016.  Prior to living in Rochelle I was living in the Western Suburbs.  When I got to Rochelle you might imagine that I found it much different than where I was used to living.  

At first there were advantages and disadvantages to living in Rochelle, just like there are everywhere else.  Living in Rochelle meant that my options for fast food,  groceries, clothing purchases, etc. were limited.  I noticed that I could get from point A to point B without sitting in traffic.  Going out to Walmart or other places in town meant that I needed to be ready to greet people.  Even at the beginning of my time here I knew people that I saw at Walmart!  

Over the last nine years of living in Rochelle I have learned so much more about this community.  I have learned that people in this town care about other people.  There is a quality of hard work and integrity that abounds in Rochelle.  To my eyes Rochelle is a Christian community,

The educational leadership in this town recognizes and respects St. Paul.  I have been in other towns where the district leaders barely recognized the existence of the Lutheran School.  St. Paul Lutheran School is blessed by this in many ways.

Many of you have lived in Rochelle your entire lives and have families that go back years and years in this community.   Rochelle has become my home.  May God continue to bless this community as He has in the past. 

Always Serving Him, 

Steve Hall; Principal

St. Paul Lutheran School